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7 Quick Tips to Organize your Home Like a PRO!

1. Make your shelves rise to the occasion

Shelf risers give you double the space for storage. Keep shorter jars underneath and taller sprays and bottles up top to increase accessibility.

2. Optimize your “junk drawer”

Try mixing and matching acrylic dividers so your pens, pencils, and paper clips all have a spot to live. Rubber bands can also be used to increase space even more within the dividers.

3. Learn the art of File Folding

Just as the name entails, this efficient “file” like folding technique that spotlights the “upright” fold allows you to see everything you own in a single glance. Color or pattern code for an extra dose of organization.

4. Create a beauty station

Hang small bins with adhesive strips on cabinet doors to create a home for hot tools, brushes, and hair accessories. A magnetic strip helps the ever keep the ever evasive bobby pin from getting lost as well.

5. “Heel Toe... Heel Toe...”

Store your shoes heel toe to maximize space in your closet, this gives you a quick overview of color, style, and trim quickly without digging through boxes.

6. Put your garage ceiling to work

Your garage can be your best economic storage bet if you know how to organize it. Overhead utility space is perfect for hanging sturdy racks for holding your seasonal items.

7. Extra shower hooks = Bag Carousel

Have extra shower hooks lying around? Utilize these in your closet by using them to store your handbags off the ground.

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