Founded in 2017, ESTATE KEEPERS offers high-touch household concierge services to busy individuals and families in Los Angeles and Orange County. We are on a mission to make people’s lives easier and add magic to everyday tasks. We were founded on three guiding principles: alleviate stress, create joy and increase productivity. 

Our story


About our Founder 

Cherie has over a decade of experience leading global teams and managing multi-million dollar estates and renovations worldwide. She is applauded for her exceptional work ethic, unparalleled dedication, and thoughtful leadership skills. ESTATE KEEPERS’ culture embodies these same values under her leadership. Cherie’s eye for detail, strong work ethic and ability to identify top talent is reflected in the specially-curated vendors and vetted-professionals that she and her team work with. 

Memorable Moments

Favorite productivity tip?

Block 30-minutes every evening to plan for the next day 

Memorable concierge moment?

Planning a two-year old birthday party

My concierge superpower:


“We want to see everyone live their best life and to the greatest of their potential. ESTATE KEEPERS gives people the time to spend with their families, invest in their passions and explore their hobbies. Our household management service is the support system every modern professional needs.”

Cherie Hickey - Founder of ESTATE KEEPERS

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